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The Exec – 2019/2020

The Exec – 2019/2020

The executive committee is the group of band members who have taken on extra responsibility and all make important contributions to the running of the band. Continue reading to find out more about this year’s exec.

President – Tora Arnesen and James Everitt

Tora is a third year Physicist at Mary’s. Starting on the cornet she has through her 13 years of brass band moved on to the wonderful Euphonium. As well as playing Euphonium in the band she is also one of the two presidents. As president she helps lead the band and the exec, and restrain James when he wants to order useless dubb stationery. James is a fourth year maths student and cornet player. Having returned from a year abroad studying in Germany he is looking forward to working with Tora (notwithstanding her stationery ban) and the rest of the exec in leading dubb for another successful and enjoyable year.

Conductor – Isaac Conroy

As Principal Conductor, Isaac runs rehearsals and organises the repertoire for the band. He comes from a brass background, having been gradually relegated/promoted, (you decide), from Soprano Cornet to Eb Bass in various local bands over the years. He is currently an MA student whilst working as a professional accompanist, choral conductor, and part-time teacher of A level music. He is looking forward to working with the executive committee over the next year; particularly developing a close relationship with the exciting new ten-piece ensemble.

Secretary – Deborah Ballaster

Deborah is a third year law student and a proud bass player so is used to making sure the band is together! As secretary she is in charge of booking venues and instruments, keeping everyone updated with weekly emails and generally trying to make sure we’re as organised as possible!

Treasurer – Rachel Boyd-Moss

DRachel is a 3rd year Chemistry student, so when not in a band practise she’s usually in a lab. Rachel has always wanted to play the flugel since first seeing it in dubb’s favourite film, Brassed Off! Rachel loves being treasurer and is super excited about hosting TriUni at Durham this year. The main jobs of the treasurer are to set the annual budget for the society and manage any expenditures the society needs to make. It is their fault if we run out of money!

Small Band Coordinator – Thomas Hicken

Thomas is a third-year physics PhD student. In band he plays soprano cornet, an instrument he moved to from cornet when he was doing his undergraduate degree at Warwick. His role involves organising carolling, quintet gigs and setting up the new Symphonic Ten Piece, a group aimed at experienced brass players.
Outside of brass, Thomas spends most of his time either on physics research (he researches a magnetic particle called a skyrmion), or fulfilling his role as a trustee for the UniBrass Foundation, who organise the world’s only inter-university brass band. He also plays and conducts the university concert band.

Publicity and Alumni Officer – Lewis Days and Danielle Lewis

Between Danielle and Lewis they have 1.5 masters degrees in mathematics and a full time job. Their role is to make sure people know about upcoming concerts and other events by designing posters, making social media posts and just telling everyone they know. In addition to the publicity side of things, they are also in charge of staying in touch with former band members and coordinating events with them such as socials and concerts.

Librarian – Zoe Rankin

Zoë is a third year studying Classical Civilisation. When she isn’t struggling with Latin, she does cat sitting, walks dogs, and is learning BSL. Zoë is a cornet player in band, which she joined in her first year, and also plays in Durham University Concert Band. As the band’s librarian, she is responsible for looking after the music, keeping it organised and handing it out at rehearsals and performances.

Social Secretary – Thomas Nolan

Thomas is a third year maths student and cornet player. As Social Secretary he is responsible for organising band socials throughtout the year, including post-concert socials, a carolling social and a summer BBQ. Thomas also supplies the biscuits during rehearsals and encourages everyone to join us for post-rehearsal drinks. When not at dubb, he spends most of his time performing his roles as Music Durham Treasurer and Concert Band Librarian, or playing the trumpet with the latter.